Who is Vets for Change South Africa?
Vets for Change is a South African registered non profit organisation (NGO - Non Government Organisation), registration number 2014/038818/08.
The aim of Vets for Change (South Africa) is to change the lives of animals and people for the better by providing basic veterinary care in the poorer communities of South Africa and to educate the people in basic pet care.

How Vets for Change (South Africa) came about:
Dr Rene van Oudtshoorn has an animal practice, Cullinan Animal Hospital in South Africa. During 2007 there was a rabies outbreak in the Cullinan area. Through one of her staff members she learnt of the plight of animals in the poorer community of Onverwacht just outside Cullinan. They had no veterinarian to help them with rabies vaccines. She promptly arranged a vaccination campaign, liaised with the state vet and vaccinated Onverwacht.

During the vaccination campaign she realised that the community and the animals is in desperate need of veterinary assistance. She then arranged a meeting with the head master and teachers at the Onverwacht School. In this meeting the education of the children in basic pet care was highlighted.

She realised for her as vet to be successful she will have do the following:
1)    Provide basic veterinary care to CHANGE the lives of animals.
2)    Educate the people in basic pet care to CHANGE the lives of animals

Out of the above a CHANGE took place in the community of Onverwacht as they became proud pet owners and realised that a pet will love you regardless.
Due to growth in operations she realised that she needed donations and more veterinarians to assist her. It was time to formalise the concept and “Vets for Change” was born and registered with Registrar of Companies in South Africa as a non profit organisation (NGO) in the early part of 2014.

Vets for Change South Africa is involved in Education at many levels. The team spend hours a week educating in animals care at schools as well as in shacks/informal settlements, often starting at 5am to catch labourers at home before they leave for work.

Dr Renee Van Rheede Van Oudtshoorn acts as guest lecturer at Onderstepoort Veterinary Faculty at University of Pretoria as well as acting as mentor for final year vet students (Local and International) and new graduated vets. Also, in partnership with Optima Community Veterinary Clinic, she has been requested to train and mentor newly graduated State Community Vets.

How can you assist Vets for Change South Africa?
1)  Cash donations are needed to cover daily running costs and the acquisition of fuel, drugs and suture material for use during sterilisations, anaesthetics, education material etc.
2)  We need volunteers to help.

SPCA, Welttierschutzgesellschaft e.V, Premier Diamond Mine in Culllinan, DForce Security, Southern African Wild Life Training College, Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre, Kendon Medical Supplies, Merial Pharmaceuticals, Zoetis, F10 Animal Health, Adcock Ingram, Purina, Pick n Pay, Diag Import and Export, Optima Feeds and Vet Shops, Marltons Pet Products, Carl and Ed Slade, University of Pretoria Veterinary Faculty, Onderstepoort.

Please be aware that Vets for Change in South Africa has no connection with an unregistered organisation based somewhere in Europe using our name and logo. (www.vetsforchange.com)